Official NYS Boating & PWC Safety Certificate Course


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  • Kimball Heffernan

    Great Class, well presented, and informative. The material is covered at a good pace and Captain Rick keeps it interesting and fun. His personal experiences and useful tips translate to a better and more complete learning experience. If you really want to learn about boating safety, and want to have fun doing it, I highly recommend Ricks classes.

  • Beenchell Jean

    My little family attended Captain Rick's class recently. We learned a lot about safety , we re already so excited to have some training in our boat with Captain Rick also , soon...

  • Jill Decker

    I attended Captain Rick's class recently. As a 20 yr veteran ambulance volunteer EMT, I've taken a lot of classes of a similar type, and was very impressed by Rick's class. He imparts to you the importance of preparedness and prevention when it comes to safety on the water in a way that is not dry and boring! It is interesting and chock full of information you won't learn by taking this class online. Remember! Safety First!

  • Firefighter Lewis

    Great class. Informative, personable and all around fun. I definitely recommend this course and if you're a first timer, I suggest the handson course as well.

  • Chris Robinson

    Great class, Capt. Rick is a fantastic teacher, very informative, I highly recoomend taking his course

  • Steve Jones

    I have subscribed to your posts and feed. As a construction research associate I must say that I found the post relevant to my subject area. Sample Dissertations Thanks, Steve

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