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  • Chrstina VH

    Captain Rick Mendez is truly what every boater (whether experienced or new to boating) should invest in...he is extremely knowledgeable, patient, fun and most importantly an informative instructor!

    His expertise is superb to say the least!  He explains verbally first, then demonstrates, then allows hands on experience right away. He answers questions and makes everyone feel confident and in control of the vessel. We took a full day of training/skills from docking, pre-departure checks, navigation reading/understanding, maneuvering reverse/backing up, holding position, anchoring, planing, speed control, crossing wakes, man overboard rescue, returning to dock and securing the boat.

    In all honesty, all these techniques could save your life and those around you. I highly recommend taking Captain Rick's training! There's so much to learn...

    Sending a BIG THANK YOU to Captain Rick for helping build my knowledge and confidence!!!!!

  • Dr. K. Ghandour

    Outstanding Teacher!
    I purchased a 30 foot boat & hired him for 1 on 1 private instruction.

    Capt. Rick is wonderful.
    He is patient & very positive.
    Capt. Rick gets you out on the water immediately. You will have fun practicing what you need to know.

    Honestly, in two 3 hour sessions he taught me to undock, manuveer around the marina & dock my 30 foot boat in high winds.

    Capt. Rick did not waste any time. He just smiled, he inspected the boat & he had steer the boat out to get on with the business of piloting.
    We went all over the marina doing all kinds of manuveers. He just stood next to me, smiled, and he calmly told me what to do while waving at the people watching us.

    We practiced until I could do it all with confidence.
    He is an outstanding boating instructor.
    Thank you Capt. Rick Mendez !

  • Kimball Heffernan

    Great Class, well presented, and informative. The material is covered at a good pace and Captain Rick keeps it interesting and fun. His personal experiences and useful tips translate to a better and more complete learning experience. If you really want to learn about boating safety, and want to have fun doing it, I highly recommend Ricks classes.

  • Beenchell Jean

    My little family attended Captain Rick's class recently. We learned a lot about safety , we re already so excited to have some training in our boat with Captain Rick also , soon...

  • Jill Decker

    I attended Captain Rick's class recently. As a 20 yr veteran ambulance volunteer EMT, I've taken a lot of classes of a similar type, and was very impressed by Rick's class. He imparts to you the importance of preparedness and prevention when it comes to safety on the water in a way that is not dry and boring! It is interesting and chock full of information you won't learn by taking this class online. Remember! Safety First!

  • Firefighter Lewis

    Great class. Informative, personable and all around fun. I definitely recommend this course and if you're a first timer, I suggest the handson course as well.

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