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Why should I take the NYS Boater safety class?

The New Law is Effective as of May 1st 2014

All individuals born on or after 05/01/1996 are now required to successfully complete an approved course in boaterNY PWC / Jet Ski Classes education in order to operate a motorboat.

Everyone over 14 yrs old must be have this certificate to operate a PWC (AKA JetSki License). You must be
at least 14 yrs old to drive a PWC.

Suffolk County Residents Recent legislation signed by the Governor supersedes all local laws or ordinances with respect motorboat education requirements. Any local boater education requirement adopted by a locality prior to the effective date of this law is no longer enforceable.

I am a USCG Licensed Master Captain 100 ton. When I came to the boating class, I thought to myself … This is a beginner course. To some extent it was, but I am happy I took the class. I learned so much about boating safety and things to do in case of emergencies. I learned many things from the instructor experiences and other boaters as well. When we boat our knowledge is limited to our experiences. It is great to see another boater point of view in an educational environment.

This Law went into effect after the boating accident in Oyster Bay where 3 Children died. Unfortunately there are many more. Boating is a great hobby, but can be dangerous if you are not educated about safety. Sometimes the simplest precautions could save lives or prevent injuries. I believe NY Boating Safety Courses should be mandatory for all boaters regardless of their age. We are mandated to take a test to drive a car, motorcycle or plane, why not boats as well. Go to www.NYBoatSchool.com / www.newyorkboatingsafetycourse.com, or Call 718-956-5000


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